Sell HF RFID Anti-Theft Door gate antenna with long range Reader (FN HFG11)

HF RFID Anti-Theft Door gate antenna with long range Reader (FN HFG11) You May Also Be Interested In: anti theft door gate gate antenna hf rfid long range reader
General information:
The FN HFG11 long range Door gate reader is a 13.56MHz ISO15693 compliant reading/writing device embeded in a door gate antenna. With the 2D door gate antenna, its typical operating distance is 800-1400mm. With the embeded Omron Opposite-type infrared, it can work stabel and no leak. It allows a flexible and efficient application or integration in different configurations and system devices, especially the applications of employee T&A and conference representative sign-in management.

Antenna: 150 (H) * 45(W) * 4(T) cm³ (Include the seat)
Made in ABS material, high impact, heat resisitance.
Painetd With metal-like gray paint, washable with detergent or alcohol.
Box: 35 (H) * 35(W) * 9.5(T) cm³
Made in ABS material, high impact, heat resisitance,
Painetd With metal-like gray paint. There is an Aluminium board on the back for heat dissipati ng. In addition, G 11A is with water resist designing.
Seat: 47 (H) * 17 (W) * 1.5(T) cm³
Made in 3mm thickness armor plate with baking paint.

The net weight of the whole door-gate antenna is 35Kg including the seat.
The weight of transport package is 50Kg

Technical Information
Max. Width of antenna channel: 140cm
More narrow the alleyway, better performance of tag identification.
Min. Width of antenna channel: 60cm
Standard width antenna channel: 120cm
Width of antenna channel with circumrotating magnetic field:
Optional function: The magnetic field circumrotate quickly between 90~180· , so that the tag can be easily identified even on the floor.
Height range of Attendees: 120 ~200cm ( Tag on the chest. )
Customized antenna for children is available.
Identify speed (single tag ) : 20ms
Max. Pass speed: 4m /s ( It's measured in standard alleyway )
Anti-collision capacity: 40 tags
Number of infrared sensor: 4 pairs ( optional )
Type of infrared sensor: Omron Opposite-type infrared, water resist ( The performance of opposite-type infrared isn't influenced by external factors like clothes material, light. )
Infrared distance: 1.5m
Communication interface: RS232 (Optional: RS485, TCP/IP
Length of the standard cable is 5m. )
Storage capacity: >10000 records ( Optional )
Tag Standards: ISO 15693 I code, Tag-it, My-D, Pico, etc
Memory of tags: 2Kbit
Lifetime of tags: 10 years
Working Temperature: -30 ~ + 45 º C, no exposure to sun
Power supply: AC 220V
Power consumption: 10W

> Conference sign-in management
> Employee T&A management
> Brand protection and security
> Logistics and warehouse management
> Smart tickets
> Passage control
> Anti-thief
> luggage tracking
> Retail and rental service
> Post service management