Sell HFC solution---1310nm optical transmitter

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1310nm Transmitter with AGC. This series transmitter take the high linearity, the low noise of the distribution feedback laser (the DFB laser ) , it greatly in transmittion, low in non-linearity distortion. Adopt APC, ATC technology, achieved the transmitter output optical powers stability. It offers AGC/MGC level adjustment functions. Under the AGC status, when the input RF signal changes in allowable range(15dBmV) . Add to lasers modulation level basicly invariable. In order to keep the system of CNR, CTB and CSO three big targets for a long-term stability .

Within the aircraft DFB lasers all operational parameter such as optical power, bias current, LD temperature, cooling current, power supply current and voltage are all under microcomputers control. At the same time the front panels LCD screen display in time. Once operational parameter and status deviate the fixed scope, it will send the warning signal; and will protect the circuit if it serious. LCD screen demonstration breakdown reason.

important technology data:

Optical Parameter Optical power(mW) 425
Optical Wavelength (nm) 1310120
Optical Fiber Connector FC/APC(SC/APC)
RF Parameter Bandwidth (MHz) 45862
RF Input Level(dB5V) 8015
Belt-inFlatness (dB) <=10.75dB
RF Input Impedance ((Ohms) ) 75
RF Input Return Loss (dB) >=16

Link feature
CNR(dB) 52
CTB(dB) -68
CSO(dB) -63
Test conditons: input PAL-D of 59 channel, tested optical transmitter input RF is 80dB5V, optic road is standard optic receiver,10Km fiber add up fiber variable attenuator, the input optic power of test receiver is-1dBm.
AGC Control Input level change 10dB5V, Output change 11dB5V
When the channels number <=15, choose MGC status work only
Others Power Consumption(W) 24
Supply power (VAC) 110--265
Operating Temperature () 0--45
Storage temperature () -250C650C
Size(mm) 483x385x44(19"x15"x1.75")
Brand Name
Supply Capacity
3,000 Units per month
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Minimum Order Quantity
1 PC
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1 years