Sell HH-200AH Internal combustion direct current arc welding machine

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Welding capability
The product adjusted by excitation welding current output. And the excitation control uses the microcomputer control circuit developed by this company independently. The precise electric current adjustment causes the welding current to be more stable, the dynamic characteristic is even better, and the efficiency is higher.
The excitation uses the electronic circuit control, the intermediate frequency power source, the small volume, and lightweight. The load continues to lead 100%, may continuously 24 hours works.
Accessory power supply
Equip 3KW/DC220V power output, could be used to light in night and field use of Angle grinding machine and sanding machine.
Selects to use the international well-known brand gasoline engine and the domestic energy conservation. The electrical start, is loaded with the machine oil alarm system, avoids lacking the machine oil creates the engine damage.
Feature introduce
Microcomputer control, digital display:
May initialize the welding current, may establish nine currents gear position, simultaneously may monitor various currents, voltage, rotational speed, period of revolution of this machine, the operation is simple, accurate.
Remote control technology
This machine provides the long-distance remote control equipment and its effective extent may be about 100M, may either adjust the current, or start and stop. Be convenient to use, saves the time and fuel, improves the working efficiency
Energy saving devices
This engine in the machine uses our own patent energy saving carburetor in China, saves oil above 20% compared to the native similar product. Simultaneously provides the fully automatic energy saving function. When no need to weld, the machine is at the low speed condition, when restores the welding immediately transforms to be at the normal rotational speed. This equipment may lengthen the whole machine service life; the greatest limit reduces the oil consumption.