Sell HH2500C Glass Washing Machine

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This machine Processing glass thickness 3-30mm with automatic cleaning and drying. Equipped with 3 pairs of big brush rollers. Drying with strong wind blade which supply strong cold wind. It is three-stage washing, especially suitable for coated, mirror-making, laminated glass and the glass before tempering.
This machine is adopt PLC control , Machines constructed using high quality materials and hardware. The machine uses stainless seel in all wet zones. The top of the machine can be raised automatically and a digital read-out is used for glass thickness .
1) The main conveyer is driven by chain and gear by means of frequency conversion motors with a digital convey speed displayer.
2) Stainless steel is used for water contacting part. In the washing section the water tube and a water accumulation pan are stainless steel.
3) The washer and drying covers can rise 400mm using motorized jacks allowing for cleaning and inspection. The thickness of glass is shown on a digital displayer.
4) Cotton is used for silencing of certain parts of upper and lower drying section reducing noise.
6) The layout of two air knife: the knife is straight and bevel.
7) Options
Pre-wash section (standard)
Low E Brushes ( add 500USD)
8) Digital readout: show working speed and glass thickness

Technical Specification:
Transmit speed: 1000-5000mm/min
Min. size: 400mmW400mm
Max. width: 2500mm
Glass thickness: 3-30mm
Brush roller: 3 (pairs)
Machine dimension: 6600W3250W2500mm
Installed power: 26kw
Total weight: 4000kg
Voltage: 3P ,380V, 50Hz
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45 days
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1 year