Sell HH7325 Glass Straight Round-Edge Grinder

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Features of HH7325 Glass Straight Round-Edge Grinder:
The Glass Straight Round-Edge Grinder is used to grind and polishing the round and the drawing duck and straight line edge of plate glass. Front rail is movable in parallel, which can grind different kinds of glass thickness. When grinding the round edge, the instelling of the front and back grinding wheel can lighten the back of cutting the angle's round wheel. The Glass Straight Round-Edge Grinder can also prolong the adjustment and increase the grinding speed.
Technical parameter of Glass Straight Round-Edge Grinder:
1. Min glass width: 80mm
2. Glass thickness: 3mm-19mm
3. Grinding Speed: 0.8m-4m/min
4. Total Weight: 2500Kg
5. Total Power: 15KW
6. Base Dimension: 6.6mW1mW2.5m
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40 days
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