Sell HHL7 Miniature Circuit Breaker

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Applicable Range
HHL7 miniature circuit breaker is designed for overload and short circuit protections with
current limited high breaking capacity, mainly applied to AC 50/60Hz circuit with rated volt
age 400V or less and rated current 63A or less . HHL7 series miniature circuit breakers (her
einafter called the breakers) are composed of moulded case, operating mechanism, contact, arc-e
xtinguishin system, trpping mechanism ctc.
Applicable Standards
Internationl standard:
IEC 60898 Circuit-breakers for overcurrent protecton for household and similar installation

Main Technical Parameters
a) Ambient temperature
The breakers can work under ambient air temperature-50-+400
b) Altitude
The breaker can work under altitude not exceed 2000m;
c) Class of pollution
The class of pollution is Class 2;
d) Mounting type
The mouting type is III;
e) Mounting position
The breaker can be mounted in rail, or horizontally, vertically, it will not decrease their electric features:
f) Environmental protection
Environmental factors are adequately considered in the design of circuit breaker, with many recoverable and degradable materials