Sell HID Bi-xenon projector retrofit kit

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Product Details:
1. HID Bi-xenon projector lens light, it is a new model auto headlight which combine the oval
reflectorwith convex imaging theory, it can be switch the hi and low light byelectromagnetic drive. Safe and reliable features, novel appearancematching with the exquisite angel eye decoration, make your headlightmore shining, cool and safe.

2. Low light shadowdistinguish between light and shadow, clear cut line with the legalexcellent light shape, which light is soft to the vehicle and passerby.

3. In the middle of High light shadow have a focusing block, make thevision of the driver is more brightness, further irradiation distance.

4. Easy installation, unnecessary damage the headlight, ensure the headlight stability, waterproof and safety.

5. Model: H1, H4, H7, 9005, 9006

Utility range:

1. They can be work with the original auto headlight

2. Re-installation H4 headlight

Product Specification:

Bulb mode: 35WD2S/R xenon light

Color temperature: 4300K,5000K,6000, 8000K, 10000K is available

Bulb life-span: ≈3000 hours

Angel eyes power:3W

Angel eyes Input voltage: 12V

Angel eyes Life span: 25000h

Angel eyes color: blue, white, red, yellow, green & purple is available