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No. of HID: JH-HID-019
Model of Hid: H4(H/L)

Description of HID:
Form: Single Beam(H/L) , with stainless sun-shading sheet and light-reflecting bowl.
Output wattage: 35W
Lamp tube materials: UV cut glass
Lamp base materials: plastic made with heat-sink tech
Color temperature: 4,300K, 5,000K, 6,000K, 8,000K, 10,000K and 12,000K or above.
Especial HID light effect: HH (golden-yellow) , ZB (purple-blue) , HP (purple) , HR (pink) , HJ (green)
Life time: 3,200 hours(10 times longer than that of traditional halogen light, which is almost the car serving time)
Working voltage: 851 17V

Key features:
Dust and water-resistant lamp tube
Shock-resistant light arc prevents breakage from excessive vibration
Brightness independent of voltage fluctuation and constant power output
Instant start-up and short-circuit protection