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HID (High Intensity Discharge) lamp is filled in Xenon, which is different from super-white light lamp by plating blue dye at the edge of halogen lamp to change color temperature. It is epochal and high-tech products, it takes the place of tungsten lamp, and it blazes Xenon by high voltage bringing super-intensity high color temperature arc light. The merit of HID lamp is super-luminous, high efficiency, wider color temp, high displaying color index, long life and saving power.

Saving power: General speaking, a halogen light in a vehicle factory can consume electricity 55~65W or so while an HID xenon light needs only 35W to support the luminance if working under the stability by a stabilizer.
Safety Instruction: Its unique safety design. Driving safely can be enhanced greatly for the light equipped with short-circuit protection device and contra-pressure protection design. Therefore, the light has been in the favor of the automobile modification fans from Europe, U. S. , Japan, Korea, Taiwan, etc and adopted by BWM, BENZ & AUDI etc for the original assembly.
Output luminance: 3 times the same as that of the halogen light. Usually, we use Lumen to describe the luminance. HID xenon light has a luminance up to 3,200 lumen while the halogen light about 1,000 lumen, therefore, the output luminance of the HID xenon light is 3 times the same as that of the halogen light.
High CT (color temperature) : The HID xenon light can have about 6,000 K CT light. The so-called CT means that when the temperature of a standard matter heated up increases, the matter will have a light color change form from dark-deep red-yellow-green white-white which is described with temperature taking the absolute temperature K (Kelvin) as its unit. The light at 6,000 K or so is absolutely white & little blue, which is close to the sunlight at noon & comfortable to our eyes.
Longevity life: Everyone encounters possibly the matter that the tungsten filament of the halogen light is burned down & the light thus goes off when in high heat. In contrast, the xenon light shines by means of a current equal to that used for a flashlight stimulates the gas to shine, as a result, no high temperature happens & the light can not be easily damaged! According to a research, even high quality, a halogen bulb can at the most last 400 hours while a xenon light can last 25,00 hours, which means that a xenon light can be used under a normal use condition for more 6 years.
Complete specification: HID lamp is available for all kinds of vehicles.
Installation convenience: you only need insert the HID bulb into the original lamp hole, fix ballast and connect the cable of power supply. (It needn't change the original parts of vehicle)
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