Sell HID Xenon Lamp (4,300K 6,000K 8,000K 10,000K 12,000k)

HID Xenon Lamp (4,300K 6,000K 8,000K 10,000K 12,000k)
Introduction of HID LAMP
1. HID lamp means high intensity discharge lamp.
2. Luminescences theory of the HID. Filled the HIDs luminous pipe with Xe and metal halide, blazing with the high pressure, pipe will produce a steady arc, discharge the electricity and illuminate.
3. HIDs advantages:
a. HIDs consuming power is 35w, which is half of the consumption of the tungsten lamp (65w) , so it saves the oil.
B. The luminous flux of HID is the tripe of the tungsten light, which can be 3000 lumen. It is brighter than the tungsten lamp.
c. The life span of HID is about 2500 hours, which is ten times of that of the tungsten lamp.
4. there are five kinds of color temperature for you choice, :
4,300K 6,000K 8,000K 10,000K 12,000k
If you buy our factory HID lamp, you could enjoy one-year guarantee period in normal use condition. So, please dont worry about the quality.
5. main models include:
H1, H3, H4, H4h/l, H7, H8, H11,9001,9004,9005,9006,9007,9007h/l, D2C, D2S, D2R
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