Sell HID automotive lamp

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1. Lamp type:H1, H3, H7,9007,9006,9005, D2R-s-c, and so on.
2. color temperature:4300K,6000K,7000K,8000K,10000K,12000K, and 14000K.
3. Capability and feature:
input voltage:DC 6V TO 18V Current:3.5A
Voltage(nomal) :12V Input cerrent(Max) :10A
Output power(Max)35w Temperature:-40to155degree
waterproof, shockproof. excellent performance.
High efficiency, low power, and hireliebility
Quick start:25% objective luminous flux can be
reached within 1 second
80% of objective lunious flux can
be reached within 4 seconds.
4. high quality, low price
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