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Type: H3
Power: 35W 55W
Luminous flux: 3600L
Life-span: More than 3000 hours
Color temperature: 4300K\6000K\8000K
Voltage: 8515 V
Current: 3.5 A
Color rendering index: 80R


Xenon Lamp have many advantage over halogen lamp as follows:

1. High light effect
With the same watt, HID lamp is three times lighter than halogen lamp. it can reduce eyestrain and ensure traffic safety.

2. Long life-span
Because there is no filament, HID lamps can avoide the breaking of filament, which is the limitation for the traditional halogen lamps. So it has a long life-span of 3000 hours , which is 10 times longer than halogen lamps.

3. Low power consumption
Compared with the halogen lamp, HID lamp can save half of the electric power. Its power consumption (35W) is the same as the normal halogen lamp (55W-65W) , which obviously save 40%-50%.

4. Color Rendering Index
The normal color rendering index for HID lamps is between 80 to 90, which ensures the traffic safety in foggy days.

5. Excellent line of vision
The excellent line of vision is the most outstanding advantage of HID lamps. Most of the drivers who have already installed HID lamps praised that it provides excellent line of vision, which ensures the traffic safety in the evening. That is mainly because the HID lamps can provide several rays with different light intensity. It is a much better setting than the simple near and far light. It can greatly enhance the light effect, lighten the sign nearby the road, which is very important to driving.

6. Reaction to emergency
Because of the different lighting principle for HID lamps and halogen , when the ballast meets some problems, HID lamps will still be working for a few seconds so that the driver can have time to deal with the emergency.

7. Little light decay
Have little light decay, and luminosity can be maintained at 80%~90% after 3000 hours.
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