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High sea sugar ic45 avaiable

Deliver in 7 to 12 days to Arab ports

Ships of 25k and 50k every week

After loi+bcl and signed contract the ship information is sent. After swift mt103 all ship docuemnts are sent. Procedures:

High sea sugar procedures:

1. buyer issues LOI + bcl.

2. the buyer shall within 24 hours of the date of contract issue its conditional 799 swift ( the text of swift 799: Is to be mentioned in annexure ) by a top 100 prime world bank and acceptable to the seller in the amount of us dollars equivalent to the value of 1 shipment.

3. upon the receipt of swift MT 799 in his bank, the seller posts in the buyers bank and full bundle of (sgs, b/L etc) documents within one international banking day.

4. buyer issues the non operative BG ( with indication of vessel name ) to sellers bank within one international banking day.

5. seller upon the receipt of the non operative BG in his bank posts 2% pbg which automatically makes payment active.
6. the BG payment is being released.
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