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The motors are applicable drive various types of universal machines, such as compressors, water pumps, barkers, cutting machine tools, transportation equipments and other mechanical equipment. They are widely used in mining, mechanical, petrochemical industries and power plants as prime movers. If the motors are to be used to drive blowers, coal mills and steel mills, and hoists, relevant technical information should be provided when placing an order based on which special design consideration will be given to the motors so as to ensure motor reliable operation.
Frame Size: H355-630
Synchronous Speed: 3000RPM, 1500RPM, 1000RPM,750RPM Protection Class:IP23, IP44, IP54, IP55
Insulation Class:F
Cooling type:IC01, IC11, IC21, IC31, IC81W,
IC611. IC616
Frequency:50Hz,60Hz,50/60Hz Voltage:3KV,6KV,8KV,10KV