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We are non-toxic, plant growth supplement fertilizer manufacturer looking for distributors world wide to market our product.
Ordinary compound fertilizer is at risk of being washed away but not Nong Feng High Grow. In liquid form, it is absorbed by plants through the stomata in 2 hours. 1 liter can cover 2 acres of crops. Moreover it can be applied together with insecticides and fungicides, thus it's both cost effective and time saving.
Plants require major elements such as nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, manganese, sulphur, copper, boron, magnesium, zinc, iron and molybdenum which can be found in Nong Feng High Grow. In additional, it's enriched with Humic Acid, Amino Acid and Citric Acid. These 3 organic mixtures made Nong Feng High Grow unique.
1. Environment & Ecology Friendly.
2. Enhances mineral absorption & increases plant
nutrient content.
3. Aids in photosynthesis process
4. Stimulates plant's metabolism to speed growth.
5. Enhances germination of plant seeds, increases
flower and fruit setting.
6. Insures top quality crops of desirable size.
7. Absorption of nutrients in the shortest time.
8. Improves water absorption and allow better
uptake of natural soil mineral.
9. Improves root development and strengthen it.
10. Earlier maturing and harvesting time.
11. Higher levels of tolerance to stress.
12. Increases & activates good soil micro-organism
13. Improve soil aeration, water permeability and
soil aggregate.
14. Increases water holding capacity.
15. Stabilizes the acidity of soil and reduce toxicity.
16. Releases "Locked Up" nutrients.
17. Restores depleted soil & maintains ecosystem
18. Avoids nutrient antagonism that prevents
nutrient uptake through the soil.
19. Reduction on the uses of compound fertilizer
by up to 70%.
20. Does not bleach.
21. Increases crop yield by up to 40%.
22. Stimulates plant's respiratory system.
23. Solution for plant's system blockage.

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