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Especially designed for three-phase induction motors of 3KV, 6KV and 10KV series, which mainly used in power generation, metallurgy, petrochemical and chemical, mining, and city construction applications.
 High power factor and low input harmonics with zigzag transformer and multi-pulse rectifier technology
 Direct connection to a standard induction motor with multi-level sinwave PWM technology: no output filter required, no harm to the insulation of the cable or the motor, low dv/dt, low output harmonics, fade vibration of the shafts or vanes
 Uninterrupted operation with automatic BYPASS function for each power cell
 Extremely flexible, reliable and safe system with the controller of high speed single chip microcomputer, DSP and FPGA configuration
 Avoidance of inrush current and extension of motor life with soft start technology
 Complete warning and protection functions
 Remote supervision via RS232/ RS485
 Convenient maintenance with modular power cell design
Main technical data
System capacity: 250 ~ 6300 KVA
Input voltage: Three-phase, 3KV, 6KV or 10KV, 50Hz/60Hz
Output voltage: Three-phase, 0V~ Rated voltage
Output frequency: 0 ~ 60Hz
Frequency accuracy: 1 0.2%
Frequency resolution: 0.1Hz
Acceleration/deceleration time: 0 ~ 3000s, adjustable
Power factor: >95% (>20% full load)
Efficiency: >95%
Overload endurance: 130% of rated current for 30 seconds, 110% for 10 minutes
Ambient temperature: 0 ~ 400
Ambient humidity: 5% ~ 85% (no condensation)