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Rapid Low-Cost Self-screen Test for HIV 1 and HIV 2.

Reliable results in only 5 minutes.

for that PEACE OF MIND

Based on Lateral Flow Immunoassay Technology the strip has two coated bands: HIV antigens and antibodies.

The antibody band acts as the control indicate the functionality of the strip during the test. When fresh blood is added to the serum separation pad, the serum will separate the flow towards the membrane and when sufficient serum has reached the membrane, the serum separation pad is pushed back.

The serum is mixed with the Protein A Gold conjugate. Here, the HIV antibodies, if present, are coupled to the Protein A Gold conjugate. As the liquid flows along the membrane by capillary action, the coated HIV specific antigens capture the HIV-antibodies coupled with the Protein A Gold hence a colored band is formed. When the rest of the liquid reaches the control band the Protein A Gold will couple to the antibody band and hence form the control band indicating the sample liquid has completed its flow through the HIV band.


* Result In 5 Minutes

* Easy to Use

* 99% Accurate

* Total Privacy

* Low Cost HIV Rapid Self Test Kit
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