Sell HM836 Ice Cream Maker

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*Streamline luxurious outward appearance
*Stable running and easy operation
*Stainless steel shell(never rust)
*Adopt high-efficient Aspera/Tecumseh/Frigeast compressor
*Adopt high-grade Danfoss expansion valve
*Inside welded steel frame
*Unique cylinder and stirrer shaft(leads to efficient stirring and mixing as well as ideal production ability)
*2+1mixed flavors optional, ideal for dispense of Sundaes, Parfaits, Cones or other desserts.
*Intelligent full-computerized control system
*Self-monitoring system(minimizes possible errors)
*Digital display on control panel(provides a visual observation)
*IT push pad(one-touch switch) on control panel
*Error code display on control panel windows(shows the type of error occurs, convenient for user to check out the possible causes so as to find remedy easily in User Manual
*Production indicator(shows the production process)
*Stuff-lacking alert buzzer(reminds users of the time to add mixed stuff)
*Operation error buzzer(giving notice to user that the machine is not working well or not operated properly)
*Temperature of cylinder and tank(if pre-cooling system is assemble) can be shown and adjusted. (detected by temperature sensors on cylinder/tank, and is controlled by thermostat)
*Ice cream consistency adjustable, ranging from 1-12. (provides with the optional regulation to users for better ice cream taste)
*Emergency power switch(Protect the machine from being damaged in case power shuts down unexpectedly)
*Wide voltage adaptive range(normally set up in HOMMY factory as 180V-250V, advantageous for users in countries or territories in which the power supply are fluctuated frequently, preventing the machine from being shut off oftentimes so as to promote smooth running for all day business)
*Pre-cooling system for insulated tank can be installed at buyers option(acts as a refrigerator for tank which consequently makes the tank freezed all the way under the rated temperature. As well it promotes ideal output, keeps the stuff fresh and allows mixed stuff to remain in the machine over night by stand-by-switch feature, reduces labor and daily maintenance costs as the equipment only requires disassembly and cleaning once every week.
*Counter can be installed at buyers option. (shows the number of ice cream cone serve by counting when each time the handle is being drawn down. Advantageous especially for personal accounting and fast food shops management)
*One year free guarantee
*CE approved
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