Sell HMS & Used Rails

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1. Chemical compositions for the R-50 and R-65 (used rail scrap ) is:

C - 0.71 - 0.84%
Mn-0.75 - 1.25 %
Si- 0.18 - 0.55%
S - not more than 0.045%
P - not more than 0.035%
As: 0.01% Max
Cr: Residual of Mass Share.

1a. Origin: Goods are Romanian or Ukraine origins.

2. Specification: Used Rail: R50 (51.67KG/Meter)  GOST 7173-55

R50 (1 51.67KG/MT) Gost-7173-55
R65 (1 64.72KG/MT) Gost-8161-75

3. Size & Weight: Length: 12M to 12.5 M; Width: 5.5 inches; Weight: 437.5Kg.
No fishplates or steel pieces or bolts are attached to the used rails. All rails are clean and straight. No pitting. Only atmospheric rust. No heavy rust.

Monthly capacity : 150,000 (One Hundred Fifty Thousand) metric tons

Annual Capacity: 1,800,000MT (One Million Eight hundred thousand Metric Tons (+/- 5%) in to R50-R65 ISRI-200-202 of Product.

Total Capacity: 1800,000 x 6 clients annually.

5-Duration of Contract: 12 months

6- Price: USD$200 (two hundred US Dollars) per metric ton for above requirements.

7-Shipping terms: Buyer's Concerns. (FOB/CNF/CIF even Ex. Factory are workable, but the price mentioned is CIF AWSP basis.

8-Packing: Bulk loose or in containers each RAIL section must be cut and bundled in sections of 1.5m - 5.0 meters of length.

9-Delivery time: Min to Max 30-45 days from date of Sellers receipt of the acceptable operative payment instrument.

10-Destination port's: Any World Safe Port (No Negotiable for Pakistan and Bangladesh only) , Indian port Chennai and Nhavasheva are workable but condition apply.

11-Inspection: The commodity shall correspond to the inspection certificate issued by internationally recognised inspection agency SGS appointed by BUYER end expensed by buyer and at SELLERS expenses at loading port and verified at the Port of Loading, confirming that the commodity meets ISRI specifications herein stated.

12. Speed-Up Booking Money: US$10,000 for all safe port but for India port US$20000 must keep to us as a security money and this amount will be refundable when cargo loading into vessel are completed in front of buyer or his representative. Meantime when LC become operative they may get the amount security money backed direct from the sellers.