Sell HMS 1, Used Rail For Sale

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We are not straight supplier. We have 4 suppliers and we are working as
their associate in India.

Present Offer for supply of Used Rail, HMS 1 and HMS 1&2

Quantity : 30,000 mts (spot) Used Rails- 30,000mts x 12 HMS 1 - ISRI 200-202
30,000mts x 12 HMS 1&2 (80:20) - ISRI 200-206

Specification for Rails


The Seller guarantee to the Buyer that the Goods delivered under the present
Contract will correspond to the characteristics shown below:

The Rail shall conform to ISRI CODES R50-R65 and will be used Rail Steel
Scrap - Standard section "T" rails original weight 50 pounds per yard or
heavier. Length up to 9 meters. Material Free from mud, dust, fluff,
non-ferrous inclusions, excessive rust and other impurities. Free from war
and explosives, shells, cartridges, other arms and ammunitions used or
otherwise and any closed containers. Free from any radioactive materials,
any harmful chemicals, substances, and coatings, any organic waste and any
other harmful substances. Dirt, dust, rust, fluff and other impurities not
allowed over 1%.


C: 0.54-0.82%

Si: 0.18-0.40

Mn: 0.60-1.05%

S: 0.04% MAX

P: 0.035% MAX


ISRI CODE: 50-65 - The scrap consists of R50-R65 Rails as R-50 (51.67
kg/m-GOST-7173-75) , R65 (64.72 kg/m-GOST-8165-75) and Length up to 9 meters:
Fr, according to INCOTERMS-2000.

Payment Terms:

Irrevocable, Confirmed, Fully-Transferable and Revolving Documentary L/C
payable in US Dollars, 100% at sight of shipment against receipt of all
documents required within 7 days of the contract signing from a Top 25 World

PBG Guarantee: Upfront 2% PBG provided by the seller against receipt of the

The rates are valid for 5 days from the date of issue and are subject to
changes without previous notice.


Buyer sends fresh LOI signed and sealed by buying authority. The LOI must
not be more than 5 days old. The buyer also should give a letter asking the
seller's bank to do a soft probe.
On receipt of the LOI the Seller verifies the LOI and conducts soft probe,
the forwards draft contract. No draft contract will be issued prior to this
Seller and buyer negotiate and finalize draft contract.
Seller releases final contract for signing by both parties.
Buyer opens non-operative LC
Seller issues Performance Bond guarantee for 2% of the value of LC
Seller provides POP against POF (proof of product given bank to bank)
Buyer's LC becomes operative
Buyer can request to send representative to the loading port if desired
The delivery begins as per schedule


The seller has AQSIQ Number. The same will be provided bank to bank against
POF and POP.

The contract will be made only directly between the end buyer and the end
seller to avoid any possible complications.

Buyer can request to send representative to loading port if desired

Inspection: To be carried out by any inspecting agency as per the seller's
option, and their report will be part of the shipping Documents.

Inspection by the buyer can be done at the yard or at the loading port, but
the same is allowed after receipt of the Pre-Advice L. C. from the buyer.

On acceptance of the above offer for HMS 1 & 2 and for Used Rails, we
request you to issue the LOI on the buyer's letterhead duly signed and
sealed with complete banking details to proceed further. The LOI should not
be more than 5 days old.

If you are interested in the above offers, pls. revert soon with the
Terms of Payment
L/C at Sight