Buy HMS 1/2

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1, Minimum Order Quantity: 500 x 12 months, which is 6000MT per year
2, Maximum Order Quantity: 8,000 MT X 12 month.
3, Target Price: EX-YARD Price = USD $170.00 FAS Price Maximum = USD $180.00 CIF Price Maximum = US$245.00/MT, ASWP (Any Safe World Port)
4, Commission: THis will be added to the above price as follows: Shipment of less then 1,000 M/T should inlcude a USD $4 commission and shipment greater the 1,000 to 10,000 M/T should include a USD $2 commission Shipment Greater then 10,000 M/T should include a USD $1 commission to my side.

First shipment within 30 days after the seller received the irrevocable L/C at sight from the buyer.


1. The Seller issues a Soft Offer.
2. The Buyer issues an Irrevocable Corporate Purchase Order (ICPO) or Letter Of Intent (LOI) , with Bank Comfort Letter (BCL) no longer than 7 banking days.
3. The Seller issues a Full Corporate Offer (FCO) to the Buyer.
4. The Seller issues a draft contract to the Buyer.
5. The Buyer returns revised draft contract to the Seller via, fax or email.
6. The Seller reviews and confirms any changes made in draft contract by the Buyer. If the Seller agrees to the changes made by Buyer, the Seller issues the final binding contract via fax or email.
7. The Buyer returns the final agreed contract duly signed and sealed via email or fax.
8. The Seller will then scan the fully signed, sealed and initialed Contract and email or fax the "Soft Copies" to the Buyer.
9. The buyers bank will issue the MT 799 SWIFT which is funds certificate that purchases goods within five(5) workdays.
10. The Seller will issue to the buyer six (6) original hard copies of the contract via courier to Buyer's address as stated in the contract.
11. Immediately upon receiving the Seller's signed and sealed Hard Copies of the contract via Courier, Fax or Electronic means the Buyer will personally sign and seal the 6 Hard Copies and return 3 originals by courier to the Seller.
12. Buyer's bank issues Pre-advice RDLC /or Non-Operative RDLC on Swift with MT 705.
13. When the seller's bank receives MT 705 SWIFT or RDLC , it will issue two percent (2%PB) of
the contract performance bond within ten(10) workdays.
14. After receiving two percent of the contract performance bond, the buyers bank will then issue the irrevocable and transferable or non-transferable revolving documentary operation-acceptable documentary letter of credit (L/C) at sight within seven(7) workdays.
15. Shipping of the Copper cathodes will commence within thirty (30) days from date of Sellers receipt of the acceptable operative payment instrument.