Buy HMS 1

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Presently, we are keeping the list of 60 end-buyers in Vietnam. Each month, these customers can consume 50,000 - 70,000 mt.
I am giving you the detailed order of a trial shipment:
- Commodity: HMS 1, 2 80:20 under ISRI codes
- Origin: At Sellers option
- Quantity: 500 mt
- Packing: containerized
- POD: Haiphong, Vietnam
- Payment: irrevocable, non-transferable LC at sight
- Price: CNF Haiphong, net
Please be confirmed that this order is considered is assessment and the quantity can be raised many times later.
We are faithfully and seriously desire to deal with you.

Yours truly,

Mr. Anthony Nguyen (Tien Nguyen)
Managing Director
Ha Noi, Vietnam
YM, Skype: diftien