Sell HMS Scraps and Used Rails

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We are end supplier of Used Rails R50-R65 and Heavy Melting Scraps 1 and 1/2 as follows manner:

Used Rails Chemical composition:
C: 0,54-0,82
Si. : 0,18-0,40
Mn: 0,60-1,05
S: 0.04 max
P. : 0,035 max
As. : 0,01 max of Mass share

Norms: R-50 GOST-7173-75 and R-65 GOST-8165-75
The scrap consists of R-50 (51,67 kg/m) R-65 ( 64,72 kg/m ) Used Rail ISRI 27-29

The rails can be cut to the length the buyer wants. We only has to know that in advance but normally it is 1-1.5M in length.

HMS1, HMS1&2 (80:20)
Steel scraps shall be considered free of alloys when the residual alloying elements do not exceed the following percentages: percent
Nickel 0.45
Chromium 0.20
Molybdenum 0.10
Manganese 1.65
The combined residuals other than manganese shall not exceed 0.60 percent. In case of HMS 1 0.20%.

For any quantity, bulk or container even in one ship load either trial or yearly basis, pls write us to our direct mail box.

We encouraged those buyer who have no tendency to waste our time and efforts only in unneccessary question/query. Our only realizing that buyer will see our materials via securing the deal, if choice they signed the contract and within 7 days we would received LC for issuing 2% PBG for operative the same.
Supply Capacity
500,000 per month
ISO9001&3A2000, CICC, SGS
Condition of Goods
Lead Time from Order to Shipment
30 days
Minimum Order Quantity
Terms of Payment
LC or TT
Terms of Sale