Sell HMS Used Rails Scrap for sale

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We are offering HMS1&2/Used Rails of European origin.

CIF ASWP price quotes are:

Quantity HMS1&2 HMS1 Used Rail

12x030,000MT USD187 194 204

12x060,000MT USD182 191 202

12x090,000MT USD180 189 199

12x120,000MT USD178 188 198

The price above includes USD1/MT commission for agents. Commission will be secured via Fee Protection Agreement which will be signed by seller after final contract.

Non-transferable LC issued or confirmed by a Prime Bank is acceptable.


1. Buyer sends LOI (Letter of Intent) with authorization for Soft Probe and BCL(Bank Confirming Letter) .
2. Seller sends FCO/Draft Contract. Please study the draft contract before inquiring further.
3. Buyer signs/seals Draft Contract
4. Seller signs/seals Draft Contract
5. Buyer opens Revolving OR FFDLC, Irrevocable, Non-transferable, 100% at sight non-Operative LC
6. Seller posts 2% PGB backed by SBLC making LC operative
7. Seller issues POP to buyer and loading port, etc
8. Buyer allowed loading port visit
9. Shipment commences

Please contact us with your requirements.
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