Sell HMS1&2, HMS1, R50-R65

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We wish to confirm, on behalf of our seller, with full corporate responsibility, that we are ready, willing and able to transact and provide the commodity of Heavy Melting Scrap 1, 1&2 (80:20) and Used Rail Scrap with the following specifications, terms and conditions. Sales and Purchases will be conducted based on International procedures.

Commodity: Heavy Melting Scrap 1 (ISRI 200-202)

Heavy Melting Scrap 1&2 (ISRI 200-206)

Used Rail Scrap (ISRI R50-R65)

Pricing: Pricing based upon prior sale in USD $xxx per MTW CIF ASWP as follows:

HMS 1&2

5,000 mt/month, containerised


10,000 mt/month

30,000 mt/month
$ 176.00
$ 185.00
$ 192.00

60,000 mt/month

$ 175.00

$ 182.00

$ 188.00

100,000 mt/month
$ 173.00
$ 180.00

$ 186.00

120,000 mt/month
$ 173.00
$ 180.00

$ 184.00

150,000 mt/month
$ 172.00

$ 183.00

200,000 mt/month
$ 170.00


$ 180.00

250,000 mt/month
$ 168.00

$ 178.00

300,000 mt/month
$ 165.00
$ 175.00

Origin: Russia, Ukraine, CIS Countries, Europe, South Africa or as designated by the Seller.

Destination: ASWP

Quantity: XXX MTW/month x XX months totaling XXXXX MTW/year.

Packing: Loose  bulk. Small quantity  container.

Delivery Schedule: Seller to specify completion of total quantity and first shipment from date of confirmed L/C in Sellers account.

Inspection: SGS by Seller. Any other independent international inspection company (such as CIQ and CCIC) would be used at Buyers expense if desired, and would not be recognized as part of the payment documents.

Payment Terms: Irrevocable, Revolving, Confirmed Documentary L/C payable in US Dollars,100% at sight of shipment within 7 days of the contract signing from a Top 25 World Bank.

(transferable or non-transferable need confirm from supplier before buyer issues LOI)

PBG Guarantee: 2% operative PG Bond to be issued by Seller.

Typical Procedure:

1. Buyer sends fresh LOI and BCL (can not be more than 5 days old)

Pls consult us before issuing LOI. We have special phrases included in LOI.

2. Seller verifies LOI and conducts soft probe, then forwards draft contract.

3. Seller and buyer finalize draft contract and then sign contract.

4. Buyers open non-operative L/C.

5. Seller issues 2% Performance Bond Guarantee.

6. Seller provides POP (proof of product given bank to bank)

7. Buyers L/C becomes operative.

8. Buyer can request to send representative to the loading port if desired.

Pricing is subject to change without notice. This Full Corperate Offer is while stock lasts and is on a first come first served basis. Offer is subject to Seller approval.

Because of strengthening of the steel market, we are presently working to solidify more suppliers who can handle large quantity offers. Above pricing is net to you and all commissions required must be added. Pls provide commission structure required when presenting the LOI.

Pls provide all documents in electronic forms via e-mail or by fax.

Sincerely yours,

Onur Bozkurtlar

General Manager