Sell HN-3010 Nickel Chemical Plating Bath

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HN-3010 Nickel Chemical Plating Bath

Through anto-catalystic reduction deposited uniform thickness of nickel-phosphor alloy plating. The corrosion resistance and soldability of the plating is superior, suitable for electronic parts and other industrial applications. HN-3010 nickel chemical plating bath has been supplied as three concentrate: A. B. C.
Funda mental characteristics:
1. The properties: phosphor content is 7-10%(wt) , belong to medium phosphor, specific gravity is 7.80 - 7.90 g/cm3, resistivity is 60-905ω /cm, hardness: as deposition is 500-600HV, after heat treatment is 900-1000HV, it's gloss is full bright.
2. High deposition rate is 15-205m/h.
3. May adjust the bath in operation temperature, continue operation, convenient to use, high production efficiency.
4. Bath tolerance to high metallic impurity, high stability of the bath, long life of use, may rack barrel plating, strong compatibility.
Preparation of the bath:
1. If use strainless steel tank, cyclic filting pump and pipe first should be passivate by 50%HNO3, then throughoutly cleaning.
2. Inject 1/2 specified volume of distillatic water or deionized water into plating tank, add 9%(v/v) of HN3010A, agitate to uniform, add 15%(v/v) of HN3010B, agitate to uniform, ready for use.
3. In the normal case, the PH of the solution as the ratio above described preparated has achieved optimal value (PH=4.8) , if necessary may use 10% of ammonia water (NH3. H2O) or 10% of sulfuric acid (H2SO4) adjust.
Operation technology:
Parameter Range Optimal
Temperature 85 - 910 880
PH 4.6 - 5.1 4.8
Load of the bath 0.5 - 1.7 dm2/L 1.0 dm2/L
Note: should avoid long term-no load operation temperature. Four Replenish and adjustment of bath compositions:
1. In optimal plating technology parameter, replenish amount of the bath is as following:
For HN-3010A: total volume of the bath W0.020(L/h)
For HN-3010C: total volume of the bath W0.020(L/h)
2. Through analysis determine adding amount:
Analytical percent % of nickel Adding amount of A. C(ml/L)
100 0
95 4.5
90 9.0
85 13.5
80 18.0
75 22.5
70 27.0
3. If analytical percent w* of the nickel not falling to standard points in the lable may calculate as following formula. .
For HN-3010A(ml/L) : (100-w*) W 0.09
For HN-3010C(ml/L) : (100-w*) W 0.09
4. Consider to carry out loss through the parts should add HN-3010A and HN-3010B, its adding amount is 5%-15% amount of bath preparate on determine the adding amount by analysis at end of each cycle.
5. Replenish method: may direct add to concentrate A and the concentrate C respectively in operation temperature, not direct put the concentrate on the parts, should slowly add under agitate in small and many times.
Plating bath: 40L, tank load: 1.50dm2/L, operation temperature: 880. Operation steps is as following:
1. bath preparate need HN-3010A 3.6L, HN-3010B 6.0L, balance: distillatic water.
2. each four hour is one cycle, from first cycle to third cycle, deposition rate is 17-185m/n, the replenish amount of HN-3010A and HN-3010C is 1.20L at each hour.
3. After fourth cycle, deposition rate is 15-165m/n, the replenish amount of HN-3010A and HN-3010C is 1.08L at each hour.
4. Consider the loss done to carry out, plating out of heating tube, pump etc. , after end of each cycle additionally add one times of HN-3010A 0.18L(5% of bath preparation amount) and HN-3010B 0.60L(10% of bath preparation amount) .
Note: this specification is based on our company expirement and informations for reference only.
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