Sell HNA Z-9 Mud Pump (PZ-9)

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Model PZ-9 mud pump is a horizontal triplex single acting piston pump which has the advanced structure and small in size. It has the reliable performance, good exchangeability, easy maintenance.

The pump consists of two main sections: power end & fluid end. Power end includes pump case pinion shaft, crankshaft, back cover, connection rod, crosshead etc. Fluid end includes valve pot assembly, valves, cylinder liners, pistons, discharge manifold and suction manifold. Etc.

In order to prevent the water-hammer and reduce pressure difference in the outlet side, of the pump. In order to prevent the over-pressure, there fixed a shear safty valve in the outlet side of the pump. The gears, bearings, crosshead in the power end adopt splash system and pressure lubrication system. This guarantees a good lubrication. The cylinder liners & the pistons in the fluid end is cleaned and cooled by a centrifugal spray pump with lubrication water.

This pump has a complete set of special tools for general maintenance & repair.