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HOLTER SYETEM (Ecglab Holter Syetem of 24 hours)

1) High resolution and dependable performance, trustful Holter analysis system
2) Most advanced miniature portable CF flash
3) 1 or 2 AA 1.5V alkaline battery can support 24 hour Holter recording, environmental friendly
4) Support auto event button recording and edit
5) Holter lead wire conforms to international standard with a long life time
6) CE certified

Software Functions:
1) Conventional 12/3 lead arrhythmia analysis
2) 24 hours Holter recording
3) 20 template editing to analyze VE, SVE, V-RUN, SV-RUN, PAUSE, ST etc.
4) Heart rate variability (HRV) (time domain, 3D frequency domain, Lorenz poincare plots)

5) Hourly count menu, page scan, mega scan
6) Atrial fibrillation/Flutter analysis
7) Pacemaker auto detection and analysis (3 channel recorder)
8) Standard genuine 12 lead ECG (12 channel recorder)

9) 12 lead ST scan
10) QT analysis
11) Vector, SAECG (VLP) and QT/QTd analysis
12) Unique Sleep Apnea monitoring

13) Unique FCG (Frequency Domain Cardiogram)
14) Support color print and preview and CD recording system
15) Holter data can be input into ECG-NIS, enables data sharing and paperless work
16) Batch printing

17) Support event button
18) Electronic enrollment for CF flash card
19) Windows 95/98/2000/XP
20) Applicable with notebook and PC