Sell HOME wireless alarm system with the Solar panel

HOME wireless alarm system with the Solar panel You May Also Be Interested In: home alarm system home wireless alarm solar siren wireless alarm system wireless alarms
 Completely Wirefree
 No Mains Power or Wiring required
 Easy to install
 No extras needed  ready to set up straight from the box
 Remote Controlled via a hand held remote
 EXTRA FEATURE - built in panic button on remote control
 NEW EXCLUSIVE FEATURE - Continuous Flashing Comfort Lights for 24 Hours Visual Protection
 Simple to expand and upgrade with a full range of wirefree accessories
 Fully tamper protected
This award winning system is designed to offer round the clock protection and complete peace of mind. The outside siren and strobe includes "Continuous Flashing Comfort Lights" (exclusive to Wireless Alarms) which act as an excellent visual deterrent  24 hours a day. Additionally, the high powered siren and strobe attracts immediate attention to alarm activation.
Kit Contents:
The system consists of:
 1 x Solar Siren with Rechargeable Battery
 1 x Strobe with continuous flashing comfort lights
 2 x Wirefree PIR Detectors
 1 x Remote Control - with integral panic button
 Installation & Operating Instructions
 All batteries for detectors
 All necessary fixings
 Window stickers

The system is ideal for
 Mobile homes
 Outbuildings etc.

At the heart of the system is the revolutionary, award winning Solar Wirefree Siren and Strobe (with continuous flashing comfort lights)  voted The most innovation consumer product at the Daily Mail Ideal Home show & Best Buy by Which.

The system is powered by a high capacity sealed lead acid, rechargeable, battery which ensures the Siren and Strobe is powered during the night. The Solar panel is only used to maintain the charge to the rechargeable battery during daylight hours  even on overcast winter days.

Features include:
 Full Tamper Protection
 Battery Back-Up for outside siren
 EXTRA FEATURE - Panic Button on the Remote Control
 NEW EXCLUSIVE FEATURE - Continuous Flashing Comfort Lights for 24 Hours Visual Protection
 Test mode
 Instant or Delayed Entry and Exit
 No limit to the number of additional detectors
 Works 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
 Conforms to British Standards

Installation is as easy as A, B, C.
A. Mount the outside Siren & Strobe
B. Mount the internal detectors
C. Switch your alarm on.
You are now ready to protect your home at the touch of a button.
Remember to let your neighbours and the local Police Station know that you have an alarm system.
1 Wire-Free External Siren with Solar Recharge Panel and Strobe Flashing Light
1 Magnetic Door/Window contact
1 Remote Control/ Key Fob
1 Main Control panel
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