Sell HONEYBEE Portable CNC Cutting Machine

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1. Cutting shape:To cut any steel plate drawings composed of straight lines and circle.
2. Cutting precision:National Standard JB/T10045.3-99
3. Installation:Fit together, Can be moved easily and No fixed room
4. Cutting width:Effective cutting width ~1200mm
5. Cutting length:Effective cutting length ~ 2000mm
6. Torch No. :flame torch 1 unit
7. Cutting thickness:flame cutting 6~150mm
8. CNC system:Honeybee2005LCD CNC system Features:
1.5.7LCD display
2. Pellice Keyboard
3. Support USB interface and U key file transfer;
4.2 axis direct line and circular interpolation
5. Memory:store 60 program files
6. Support pause, forward, backward and speed regulation during cutting process
9. Program and nesting software:FastCAM basic version
10. Cutting gas:Oxygen+acetylene/propane
11. Speed regulation: 0~1000mm/min for flame cutting
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