One Time Sell HP and Epson re-manufactured inkjet cartridges

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We offer HP and Epson re-manufactured inkjet cartridges at very low prices to help million of customers world-wide reduce their printing costs with the use of high quality remanufactuered inkjet cartridges, saving customers time and money!!

The savings of recycled cartridges can be about 70% reduction in your printing costs making them a good economical option. The cost of brand name inkjet cartridges can be exceedingly high in comparison to remanufactured inkjet cartridges. While manufacturers encourage you to use their own-brand consumables, re-manufactured cartridges are available for most printers.
A remanufactured inkjet cartridge, is a cartridge, which has been refilled with ink.

The Epson type has a fixed print head and the Hewlett Packard type has print heads in the cartridges. The fixed print head printer (Epson) uses cheaper cartridges that are only ink tanks. The Hewlett Packard Print head cartridges cost more than the ink tank type but often contain more ink.

Epson have introduced a series of inkjet printers that use chipped inkjet cartridges. We have now produced cartridges with compatible chips. These tend to cost slightly more than the unchipped cartridges but are still considerably cheaper than the Epson originals. We also offer cartridge for photo printing. Please check the attached price list!

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Term: Ex-work Taiwan
Payment: T/T in advance
Delivery: 1 week
MOQ: The MOQ for HP model is 500pc, MOQ for Epson model is 3K.

SO20047 Stylus Color II/II; B $0.8
SO20049 Stylus Color II/II; 3C $1.0
SO20089 Stylus Color 3C $1.0
SO20093 Stylus Color B $0.6
SO20097 Stylus Color 200/500; 3C $1.2
SO20108 Stylus Color B $0.7
SO20110 Stylus Color 700/710; 5C $1.5
SO20138 Stylus Color 300 4C $1.2
SO20187 Stylus Color Photo 720/750/EX3 B $0.6
SO20189 Stylus Color 740 B $0.7
SO20191 Stylus Color 3C $1.0
SO20193 Stylus Color 5C $1.5
T001 Stylus Photo 1200 5C $1.5
T003 Stylus Color B $0.7
T005 Stylus Color 3C $1.2
T007 Stylus Photo 790/1270 B $1.0
T008 Stylus Photo 790 5C $1.7
T009 Stylus Photo 1270 5C $1.8
T013 Stylus Color 480 B $0.6
T014 Stylus Color 480 3C $1.2
T015 Stylus Photo 2000P B $0.7
T016 Stylus Photo 2000P 5C $1.5
T017 Stylus Color 680 B $1.0
T018 Stylus Color 680 3C $1.5
T019 Stylus Color 880 B $0.7
T020 Stylus Color 880 3C $1.5
T026 Stylus Color 810/C50 B $1.2
T027 Stylus Color 810 5C $1.8
T028 Stylus C60/3100 B $1.0
T029 Stylus C60/C50/3100 3C $1.6
T036 Stylus C42 B $1.0
T037 Stylus C42 3C $1.6
T038 Stylus C41 B $1.0
T039 Stylus C41 3C $1.5
T040 Stylus C62 B $1.0
T041 Stylus C62 3C $1.5
T0321 Stylus C80 B $1.6
T0322 Stylus C80 C $1.6
T0323 Stylus C80 M $1.6
T0324 Stylus C80 Y $1.6
T0461 Stylus C63/83 B $1.6
T0472 Stylus C63/83 C $1.6
T0473 Stylus C63/83 M $1.6
T0474 Stylus C63/83 Y $1.6
T0491 Stylus R210/310 RX510 B $1.6
T0492 Stylus R210/310 RX510 C $1.6
T0493 Stylus R210/310 RX510 M $1.6
T0494 Stylus R210/310 RX510 Y $1.6
T0495 Stylus R210/310 RX510 C $1.6
T0496 Stylus R210/310 RX510 LM $1.6

Epson Chip inside, Water proof
T0341 Stylus Photo 2100/2200 B $1.6
T0342 Stylus Photo 2100/2200 C $1.6
T0343 Stylus Photo 2100/2200 M $1.6
T0344 Stylus Photo 2100/2200 Y $1.6
T0345 Stylus Photo 2100/2200 LC $1.6
T0346 Stylus Photo 2100/2200 LM $1.6
T0347 Stylus Photo 2100/2200 LB $1.6
T0348 Stylus Photo 2100/2200 B $1.6
T0422 Stylus C82 C $1.6
T0423 Stylus C82 M $1.6
T0424 Stylus C82 Y $1.6

Model: Hewlett Packard Model
HP 6614 B $8.0
HP51629 B $8.0
HP51649 3C $9.5
HP51645 B $8.0
HP6615 B $8.0
HP6578 3C $11.5
HP1823 3C $11.5
HP6625 3C $11.5
HP8727(NEW) B $11.0
HP8728(NEW) 3C $14.0
HP6656(NEW) B $11.0
HP6657(NEW) 3C $14.0

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Lead Time from Order to Shipment
1 week
Terms of Payment
TT In advance
Terms of Sale
Ex work warehouse
Warranty Coverage
1 year for trading