Sell HP mini GBIC module

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WS-G5483= 1000BASE-T GBIC Transceiver

WS-G5484= 1000BASE-SX GBIC Transceiver

WS-G5486= 1000BASE-LX GBIC Transceiver

WS-G5487= 1000BASE-ZX GBIC Transceiver

CWDM-GBIC-1470= 1.25Gb/s

CWDM GBIC 1470 nm Transceiver

CWDM-GBIC-1490= 1.25Gb/s

CWDM GBIC 1490 nm Transceiver

CWDM-GBIC-1510= 1.25Gb/s

CWDM GBIC 1510 nm Transceiver

CWDM-GBIC-1530= 1.25Gb/s
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