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The Automatic Water Recycler (SAS designing handbook of heating and aeration) is novel environmental and energy-saved equipment for steam-condensation recovery, can be ideal supporting equipment to boiler, pip, central air conditioner, and another equipment working with steam.
At present, the distributing and transporting of steam-condensation in company is always by open
manner, which causes the evaporator chunked away. The HSQ Series Automatic Water Recycler solves
such problem, saves the water material, and decreases the cost for the company. Since it has been
produced, the HSQ Series obtained good reputation from clients and sold to the southern and eastern asia
as it's novel feature, precious arts and crafts, stable quality, excellent capability.
1. The Automatic Water Recycler is drove by the rest steam in the boiler or by compressed air
2. Automatically operating, no needs of watchman.
3. Be able to send water to high water level pool from the lower place by pressure from the steam or
compressed air.
4. Be able give pressure to the 00 -1700 clean solid (not include causticity solid) . Send the steam
condensation water back for recycling use under different conditions, and save the water efficiently.
Generally, 14~22% of steam can be saved; Count by I ton per hour, 800ton steam can be saved. For
HSQ2, the cost can be took back in 3 months, For HSQ 1, the cost can be took back in half a year.
5. The condensation water from HSQ was drove by pressure, no producing the second steam.
6. With small size, it can be installed separately or together with other equipment, the installing project
is small, and easy, which make the equipment is easy to be maintained.
7. No noise produced during operating, no shaking, and with stable capability.
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