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General Description:
High--temperature silicone sulfide rubber consists of organic polysiloxane with high mol mass, additional material, structure control agent. Before vulcanization , silicone rubber is linear polysilioxane with high mol mass, and becomes elastic body with network structure after vulcanization. The product has wide range of operational temperature , with the following performances: easy vulcanization, little permanent distortion under compression, good solvent resistant property and good stability under high pressure vapour and good performance to cold.

Product Feature
1. Excellent low-high temperature resistance, use lastly in -600~2500, if add proper fillings and high-temperature additives, it can reach 3000 or above.
2. Ozone aging resistance, agine resistance, light-aging resistance, weather resistance, under nature state, it is exposed for many years, there is no obvious change for performance.
3. Good insulation property. There is little change for Dielectric strength, power factor and insulation.

Product Specification/Models
Models are:83xxA,833xx,834xx,827xx,821xx,820xx,829xx

Other Information