Sell HVAC (air conditioner) UV air purifier lamp

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This High Efficiency purifier uses a proprietary split UV-C / UV-V (germicidal / oxidizing) Lamp to destroy chemical & biological contaminants including chemical odors. 3 year warranty including UV Lamp & all replacement Lamps. Purifying area is 1500 square feet

We have 13w,24W,25W,36W

This HVAC AIR PURIFIER Can be used in any kind of places, it is UL Listed for the all compoents. It is widely used in the room, residence, hospital, house, etc

It can install on the wall, or just put on the desk, table, or can install into the air purifier .

Advantagesī¸° UV AIR CLEANER (Heating and cooling products)
Safe and effective in helping to eliminate airborne allergens, bacteria, viruses, mold, fungi, and more. Reduces odors by treating the air/furnace with UV sterilization all day. Allergy/Asthma relief. Pennies/ day to operate. Low cost to buy! Produces no Ozone! 1 year warranty. Bulb has a life of 12000 hours. Replacement Bulbs available. 120 volt, with power cord.

Installation and servicing of air-conditioning equipment can be hazardous due to system pressure and electrical components.

Export Marketsī¸° USA, EUROPE

Advantagesī¸° Warnings& Safety Notices


WARNING: Never expose eyes or skin to the UVC light from any source
Looking directly at UVC light may cause eye damage, or even blindness never operate the UV air purifier outside of the ventilation ducts . Only install in a closed duct system, not at any vented openings
Any duct openings which are in the direct line of eye sight of the
UVC light should be sealed with foil tape or duct tape, or equivalent

WARNING: For indoor use only
This UV air purifier is for indoor installation only. Indoor means inside the
home or building. (Not inside a heat or A/C unit that is outside the home or building)

WARNING: UV lamps contain mercury vapor. Never touch broken lamp glass when you open the tubes which contain the UV lamps inspect carefully
If a lamp is damaged, cracked, or broken, do not touch bulb or any other contents in the carton.
Instead place the lamp back in the tube and call us.
In case of accidental exposure to broken glass from a UV lamp, wash hands and any other skin area that came in contact with soap & water. Remove affected clothing immediately. If skin is cut or scraped seek medical attention immediately.

WARNING: UV light can break down plastic materials not rated for UV exposure The UV air purifier must be mounted at least 30 inches from drain pans, humidifiers, wire insulation, flexible ducting, and other plastics
If the UV air purifier must be mounted close to any of the above you can shield them with aluminum foil tape, sheet metal, or even household aluminum foil.
'WARNING: Do not mount under a humidifier
Water droplets form on a humidifier and drip down which can cause electrical shorts and even electric shock.

WARNING: Always wear safety glasses or goggles when using a power drill

WARNING: Use the supplied rubber glove when handling the lamp glass
Finger grease, which makes a fingerprint, should not be on the glass.
If you touch the glass with your bare hand or finger use isopropyl alcohol to wipe it clean.
Leaving finger grease on the glass causes a hot spot and will cause the lamp to burn out prematurely