Sell HWG400 wind turbine 400W

HWG400 wind turbine 400W

Rotor diameter : 1.4m Start up wind speed: 2.4m. s-1 Cut-in wind speed: 3.0m. s-1 Rated wind speed: 12.5 m. s-1 Turbine Rated output:400W, AC12V Survival wind speed: 60 m. s-1 Inverter output:500W/AC110V/60Hz Solar energy input:12VDC,300W High Voltage Protection: 15.2VDC Low Voltage Protection: 10VDC

Professional exporter of wind generator sets including 200W,300W,500W,1000W,2KW,5KW,10KW and latest new products HWG400(400W) , HWG600 featured by super low speed and super wide range of rotation that can be operated by very gentle breeze