Sell HX601 Precision Digital Pressure Gauge

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HX601B Intelligent pressure calibrator can be widely used in power, petrol, chemical, metallurgy, metering industry, and so on. It provides pressure measurement for calibrating pressure (different pressure) transducers, precision (general) pressure gauges, sphygmomanometers, pressure-reducing valves and other pressure instrument

Technology Specification:
1. Pressure range: -0.98bar~1000bar
2. Accuracy: 10.05%F. S
3. Current measurement: (0~25) mA Accuracy:0.03%RD+0.02%F. S
4. Voltage measurement: (0~25) V Accuracy:0.03%RD+0.02%F. S
5. DC output: DC24V (<=30mV)
6. Auto ranging and manual gain among pressure, current and voltage
7. nine pressure unit conversion for optional according to users actual demands (e. g. mmH2O mmHg Psi kPa MPa Pa mbar bar kg/cm2)
8. Big LCD screen with double lines and good daylight viewing and backlight
9. Big LCD screen with double lines and full Chinese operation interface
10. Communications: USB (optional on-line calibration software)
11. Module interface:M20W1.5
12. Ni-H rechargeable battery inside, 12 hours continuous battery life on full charge
13. Power supply: 220V122V (50Hz11Hz)

Equipped with stainless steal metal enclosure with compact structure and fine exterior
Pressure-transmitting medium include air, oil, and water (distilled or pure water)
Measure pipes pressure and display pressure wave curve in real time
5-bit word LCD screen with good daylight viewing and backlight
Ni-H rechargeable battery inside and special adapters, over load and short circuit protection
Light weight, small space, convenient operation
Rapid in operation, applied with computer software
Instrument is light, portable and suitable for some fieldworks to calibrate pressure gauges
Auto ranging and manual gain
Overall Dimensions(LWWWH) : 100mmW130mmW45mm Weight: 0.5kg
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Supply Capacity
1,000 Units Per Month
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4x 5x2 inches
Lead Time from Order to Shipment
30 days
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