Sell HX7400 Manual Hydraulic Pump

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HX7400 Manual Hydraulic Pump is composed of hydraulic pump, pressure-regulation system, micro-adjusting valve, backpressure valve and output interface. The gauge adopts a full curing structure. It is characterized by high sealed performance, stable compression, quick pressurizing and easy operation.

HX7400 Manual Hydraulic Pump provides pressure for calibrating non-oil gauges such as oxygen gauge, acetylene gauge. It can be extensively used in power, chemical, petrol, metallurgy, metering, military industry etc.

 Combination of fine stainless steel and hermetic technology in the military industry
 Simple operation, minimal leakage and convenient washing
 Fast connection, quick pressurizing and easy operation
 The product is used for calibrating all kinds of non-oil gauges such as oxygen gauge, acetylene gauge

Technical Specification
 Pressure range: (0~60) bar (0~100) bar (0~250) bar
(0~400) bar (0~600) bar (0~720) bar
 Stability: 0.05% F. S
 Pressure-transmitting medium: ethanol, distilled water
 Interface output: M20W1.5

Overall Dimensions(LWWWH) : 450mmW370mmW145mm Weight: 8Kg
Available Colors
18x 15 x6 inches
17.6 pounds