Sell HX7500 Manual Hydrostatic Pump

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HX7500 Manual Hydrostatic Pump, which is a full curing structure, consists of import pressurized pump and micro-adjusting valve.
Compared with counterpart products, it is smaller, lighter, and more manageable with high sealed performance, stable compression and easy operation.
HX7500A Manual Hydrostatic Pump , which is equipped with a big oil tank, is specially designed for oil pipe line in the petrol and chemical industry.

HX7500A Manual Hydrostatic Pump supplies pressure to calibrating pressure gauges e. g. pressure (different pressure) transducers, precision (general) pressure gauges, pressure transmitters, pressure adjustable valves, pressure switches etc.

Technical Specification
 Pressure range: (0~60) bar(0~100) bar (0~250) bar (0~400) bar (0~600) bar (0~720) bar
 Pressure-transmitting media: transformer oil
 Stability: 0.05% F. S
 Interface output: M20W1.5

Overall Dimensions(LWWWH) : 450mmW350mmW145mm Weight: 10 Kg
Brand Name
Available Colors
Condition of Goods
18x14x 6inches
Model Number
22 pounds