Sell HY-2BV High Speed Draw-texturizing Machine

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Model HY-2BV High Speed Draw-texturing Machine, a newly developed machine for simultaneous draw texturing of continuous filament polyester yarns 30D to 300D, is especially suitable for microfilament or foamed fiber.

V-configuration, ultra-long primary heater and cooling zone, are suitable for high speed production.

Pneumatic threading device leads to convenient operation and labor saving. Depending on yarn type, the shifter guide ascent speed can be adjusted.

Friction unit (equipped with 9mm thick disc) is driven by individual motor for each spindle.

On-line tension device can check & monitor timely the yarn tension for each spindle, classify quality grade package, and count yarn breakage.

W2X fixed between W2and secondary heater for the stabilization of tension facilitates producing intermingle yarn.

New type bobbin holders featured in holding bobbins tightly, reliable stop and strong pressure leads to bigger package and good building.

New form of pressing on yarn improving holding condition of yarn by nip roller is especially suitable for microfilament.

New type Spandex devices are optional for the production of Spandex fancy yarns.

Main Technical Data

Spindles per machine: 240

Mechanical speed up to: 1200m/min

Friction unit speed up to: 18000rpm

Primary heater length: 2500mm

Secondary heater length: 1460mm

Cooling plate length: 1600mm

Temperature range of Primary heater: 170-250oC

Temperature range of Secondary heater: 150-220oC

Package dimension: 300X250mm

Diameter of feed-package up to: 435mm

Gross rated power of motor: 110kW

Rated power of heating: 104kW