Sell HY68, HY68A Comber

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Model HY68 and Model HY68A Comber are new type textile equipments which have many merits, such as high speed, large output, wonderful combing effect, light vibration, low noise, simple operation, saving power, high level electromechanical integration, etc. It is the ideal choice for customers to fulfill the combing process.

Suction way: center suction, exhausting noil collection
Feeding way: forward/backward
Combing way: 8 combing head combing
Draft way: 3-over-5 drafting system pneumatically loaded
More options: Top comber, circular comber, and top roll.
All are international well-known brands.

Product Characteristics
Convenient speed adjustment: The technical data, such as nips speed and so on, can be inputted conveniently by the touch screen.
High speed and large output: Process speed is up to 350 nips per minute, and output 60kg per hour.
Increasing the cotton net joint length and strengthening intensity, which effectively prevent the happening of broken edge and hole in cotton net when comber is running at high speed.
Advanced structures of crank and slide block and differential motion lead to light vibration, low noise and consumption. Perfect joint of cotton net, wonderful separating and joint quality and circular comber combing effect can be gotten.
Action of changing lap, with lap carrier, can be carried out by pushing the pneumatic button.
Full can with sliver of designated length is automatically replaced by spare empty can. Two spare empty cans can prolong the interval of replenishment of them.
Electronic control: As man-machine interface, touching LCD screen may display Troubles, Nipper Rate and Output etc. , which leads to convenient operation.
For HY68A, tension on the glide path and draft rate can be adjusted on the touch screen.