Sell HYLB2500PF Vertical Insulating Glass Production Line

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1, The machine is composed of loading section, washing-drying section, inspection section, assemble aluminium spacers section, flat press section, unloading section and tilting&shifting section.

2, It adopts high rigidity shelf and back supporting wheel, and bear strike for long-term for putting glasses.

3, Add big glass support rack, easy to put glass.

4, Washing coated glass.

5, Two wholly dependent water tank with optional heating function.

6, Adopt washing Low-E glass brushes, the brush rotating speed can adjust automatically.

7, Air blower use stainless steel, absorb clear gas.

8, Two sets of transmitting device, when the length of glass less than 1.5 meter, great improve the production efficiency

9, Hydraulic press, automatic adjust pressure according to different sizes of glass.

Technical Parameters

Thickness of raw glass 3-19mm
Max. glass size 3000*2500(mm)
Min. glass size 400*200 (mm)
Supra-long glass size 3500*2500 (mm)
Different size of big and small glass
below side 50mm
left side200mm
Insulating glass thickness <=50mm
Washing speed 4-12m/min
Max. transmission speed 48m/min
Installed power 52.5kw
The size of machine 23000mm
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1 unit
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product 90 days