Sell HYLBJ1800P Vertical Insulating Glass Production Line

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The newest multifunction line that can produce insulating glass with aluminium spacer and flexible spacer.


Automatic PLC control system, touch screen operation and imported electrical parts.

Frequency conversion speed regulator for stable running.

3 pairs of brushes, 4 pairs of water pipes, filter and recycled water circuit, special brush rollers and air knives designed to assure good washing and drying result and optimum speed with all kinds of glass of different thickness.

Automatic recognition system for Low-E glass

Tilting flexible spacer application device assures fexible spacer application is convenient and swifts.

Special heating and heat preservation design assures even heat energy distribution and bonding result.

Key parts use stainless steel and corrosion resisting materials with fine waterproof and antiseptic functions.

Techincal Parameters

Power supply 380V/50Hz
Installed power 82.26Kw
Max. washing speed 8m/min
Max. transmission speed 28m/min
Min. glass size 450x450(mm)
Max. glass size 1800x2500(mm)
Max. insulating glass thickness 40mm
Max. washing glass thickness 3-12(mm)
Overall dimensions 23600x2100x2900(mm)
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