Sell HYLDX120 End Router

HYLDX120 End Router

Used for aluminium door-window milling.

Completes different sections and face end milling at one time. Featuring hi-efficiency, hi-precision, perfect processing and wide range use.

High cutting efficiency, completes many pieces of profiles milling at one time. Works at five to eight

times higher efficiency than that of normal end router.

Large milling range.

Special cutter adopts to milling different profiles without changing knives.

High milling speed, excellent working surface, stability, and smooth operation.

Technical Parameters

Power supply 380V/50Hz
Air pressure 0.6~0.8(MPa)
Air consumption 500L/min
Input power 2W1.5(kW)
Routing cutter diameter h250mm
Adjustment of routing(up and down) 50mm
Adjustment of routing(to and fro) 50mm
Max. process height 120mm
Roughness Ra12.5um
Overall dimensions 2000W900W1500(mm) (without feeder)
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