Sell HYLJKS02-120 CNC Vertical Cutting Center(export type)

HYLJKS02-120 CNC Vertical Cutting Center(export type) You May Also Be Interested In: cutting center double mitre saw italian brands mitre saw vertical center
Used for cutting plastic profiles or glass fibre reinforced plastic profiles.
1450and 900cutting.


High precision: three fixed saw blades. No adjustment needed for 450and 900cuts and no adjustment error; no dry running for saw blades. Air -liquid conventor driven device avoids crawling of air cylinder drive and assures stable running.

High efficiency : Computer controlled system sets process requests. Servo system drives automatic feeding, cutting and unloading. Vertical and reciprocating cutting has no dry cutting and its efficiency is two times greater than that of double mitre saw.

High security : Fully closed structure for safe and stable operation.

High profile saving ratio :Computer optimized process syestem.

Special mechanical device can achieve the best optimum cutting, have two stub bar cutting, and save 20%-30% profiles compared with double mitre saw. Automatic loading and unloading system can save0%-70% manual work compared with double mitre saw.

Servo motor, spindle drive motor and main electrical parts adapt to Japanese, Geman and Italian brands.

Technical Parameters

Power supply 380V/50Hz
Air pressure 0.4-0.8(Mpa)
Air consumption 200L/Min
Input power 5.25Kw
Feeding speed Vmax=70m/Min
Max cutting height 120mm
Max cutting width 120mm
Saw blade diameter #450mm
Overall dimensions (with feeder) 1000x1420x2000mm(LxWxH)
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