HYPERSENSITIVE SKIN THERAPY - EMOLLIENT HYDRATING CREAM You May Also Be Interested In: emollient hydrating cream hydrating lotion hypersensitive skin skin therapy
A Topical System for Severly Dry & Sensitive Skin
Non-Irritating / Non-Sensitizing / Non-Toxic / Non-Mutagenic / No Fragrance

Dry skin can be exacerbated in people with sensitive skin. However, they can achieve benefits by using products which are formulated specifically to cleanse, moisturize and protect reactive skin.
We made an outstanding and successful effort to develop a system which avoids any sensitizers, irritants or ingredients that denature the skins protein or degenerate cell membrane.
This is serious skin care!

Our SENSITIVE SKIN CARE product formulas contain:

 No Propylene Glycol
 No Mineral Oil
 No Triethanolamine
 No Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS)
 No Ammonium Lauryl Sulfate (ALS)
 No Parabens
 No Dyes
 No Fragrance (perfumes)

Also of unique interest is the product preservative system, Sodium Hydroxymethylglycinate, a derivative of the naturally occurring Amino Acid, GLYCINE. In its raw ingredient form, it has been tested on a human test population and found to be non-irritating, non-sensitizing, non-toxic and non-mutagenic, resulting in MILD yet POTENT PRODUCTS. All of the products are wonderfully bland and soothing for sensitive skin, effective and are easily removed with water.
We truly believe that EPITONE offers the best dry and sensitive skin care system on the market.

All of the products are well-tolerated by people with SENSITIVE SKIN and include:

 Purifying Cleansing Shampoo  Purifying Rinse Conditioner
 Purifying Facial & Body Skin Cleanser  Facial & Body Skin Hydrating Lotion
 Rich Emollient Hydrating Cream

Rich Emollient Hydrating Cream 8 oz. Tube

Keeping the skin moist is a key factor in healthy skin. The compounders challenge was to design such a product that helped maintain or increase barrier function, and that was also well-tolerated by people with sensitive skin.
The most effective moisturizing emollient available is PETROLATUM, which provides a coating over the skin through which water cannot escape. To this end, EPITONE RICH EMOLLIENT HYDRATING CREAM is formulated to include a high percentage of Petrolatum. It is extremely effective in combination with Glycerin and Sodium PCA, a naturally occurring component of human skin that is highly water absorbing.
EPITONE RICH EMOLLIENT HYDRATING CREAM is a bland cream formulated for dry skin conditions on the hands, body and feet. It helps repair areas that have cracks, such as fingertips.
It is most effective when applied to damp skin. This helps to trap more moisture in the skin, keeping it better lubricated.

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