Sell HYSHKT4-210x1800x3000 CNC Horizontlal Four-point Welding Machine(Multilayer)

HYSHKT4-210x1800x3000 CNC Horizontlal Four-point Welding Machine(Multilayer) You May Also Be Interested In: four point welding machine jigs point welding point welding machine
The newest welding machine.
Parallel synchronous welding technology.
Multi-layer welding.


Unique synchronous welding structure , high welding precision, strength of welded corner is two times as great as from a normal welding machine.

Multi-layer jigs can be installed so that it can weld multi-layer windows at one time and its welding range is larger than others. Its efficiency is three or four times as great as an ordinary welding machine.

Computer control, servo drive with synchronous tooth-form belt , completes the process of welding and unloading profiles automatically.

Equipped computer management software, it can connect to I/O devices such as portable hardware, U disc etc.

Imported servomotor and other key parts made in Japan, Gemany or S. Korea.

Technical Parameters

Power supply 380V/50Hz
Air pressure 0.5-0.8(MPa)
Air consumption 200L/Min
Motor power 11Kw
Max. welding height 220(mm)
Welding width 0~150(mm)
Welding range (LxW) 700x500(mm) ~2900x1700(mm)
Weight 2000Kg
Overall dimensions 4800x3500x1750(mm)
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