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Hafnium is a shiny, silvery, ductile metal that is corrosion-resistant and chemically similar to zirconium. Its properties are influenced considerably by the impurities of zirconium present. Of all the elements, zirconium and hafnium are two of the most difficult to separate.

Because hafnium has a good absorption cross section for thermal neutrons (almost 600 times that of zirconium) , has excellent mechanical properties, and is extremely corrosion resistant, it is used for nuclear reactor control rods. And hafnium is also used in filaments, electrodes, and the 45nm fabrication process for integrated circuits.

Varnl specializes in manufacturing high performance Hafnium and its alloys for a good variety of customers and markets worldwide, available in diversified fabricated forms including sheet, foil, rod, wire, tube and etc.

1. Hafnium plate, sheet, foil, strip, ribbon
Standards: ASTM B776
Size available: Thick 0.02mm Min * Wide 1200mm Max * Long 3000mm max

2. Hafnium rod, bar
Standards: ASTM B737
Size available: Outer Diameter 3mm ~ 350mm * Long 6000mm max

3. Hafnium wire
Standards: ASTM B737
Size available: Outer Diameter 0.05mm min

4. Hafnium tube, pipe
Size available: OD 4-115mm * Wall thick 0.2~8mm * Long 6000mm max

5. Featured Hafnium alloys
Nb-Hf-Ti Alloy( Nb+10%Hf+1%Ti)

6. Typical sputtering targets
Hafnium sputtering target