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* CYNOS hair straightening cream is the strongest of the relaxers .
* and can give the most dramatic results for hair straightening. .
* When this hair straightening chemical is applied, .
* it penetrates into the hair and changes its structure. .
* It seeps to the inner layer of the hair shaft .
that provides the strength, elasticity and shape for straightened hair. .
* Use of deep conditioning and detangling products is recommended .
* so as to smoothen out the hair and prevent damage to the hair cuticle. .
* Remember that hair straightening must be followed up with extra special aftercare. .
* Usage:.
1. Shampoo the hair first, blow to almost dry. .
2. Apply the dose"qonto the hair evenly (1-2cm from scalp) .
3. Check the intenerate situation after 15 minis. .
4. If the intenerating is enough, rinse it in time and blow dry. .
5. Divide the hair into sections; straighten the every section in 90 degree, repeat 3-4 times. .
6. After the straightening is finished, .
apply the dose "r on to the hair, rinse out after10-15 minutes. .
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