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Half soft packing is composed of three parts , single slice of packing , plastic thimble and central rope . Each part uses polypropylene and polyethylene of low density , acid resistance , alkali resistance, aging resistance as material . After melting , the round slice with the central hole radiating forth like sting is the main body. The central rope runs through the central hole of each slice one by one and links together with certain length . The space between the slice is fixed by the nesting plastic pipes . This product has many advantages , such as long life time , easy production and installation . As the good framework intensity , the packing does not drop and twist after forming the film. High scattering heat capability , little resistance , good capability in water distribution and gas distribution , growing film easily , having the capability of exchanging froth, better utilizing the oxygen in the water. The half soft packing is applied in swage and waste water treatment process , also used with the equipment such as contact oxidation tower pool and tank. The commonly use specification . : 120mm, 150mm . We can make the products to meet the customers' requirement .
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Half soft packing
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